new website launches september 2019!

Welcome to Ovation Coaching

About Us

Coming Soon!

Transitions take time.  Right now, I'm in the process of working with a team to build a new website that combines the private coaching services of and the leadership coaching and Emotional Intelligence practice of under the Ovation Coaching umbrella.  Visit me at these websites while the new site is under construction. 

Why "Ovation"?

An ovation is the deliberate, effortless response of understanding and appreciation that lifts our bodies and our souls.  I provide skilled coaching to those who are ready to become the truest, most courageous versions of themselves, the selves who deserve this kind of applause.

Through my offerings, you will find pathways to the clarity and action that (maddeningly!) elude us when we want them most.  And you'll leave each session with the practical tools you need to move through the world with confidence and grace.

About Amy

Since 2011, I've led creative leadership workshops, written thought-full blogs, and become the go-to professional coach for smart, sensible women who find themselves in a season of life growth, feeling stuck in their roles of influence or confused about how they got there.  If you're a "personal progressive," focusing on growth and connection, or a skeptical executive who hasn't yet experienced the tools and perspective shifts coaching can provide for making  breakthrough decisions and building high-functioning teams, call me at 410-268-1240 to set up a consultation.


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