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Exploring Grace, Through Your Own Lens®

Annapolis, MD

What does it mean to be in a state of grace, to move through the world with grace? To give and receive with grace? In a world filled with judgment and inequity, a bit of grace might just ripple out far enough to make a difference in someone's life. How are we showing up with […]


Resolving Inner Conflict: A Riff Space™ Book Club

Virtual Event via Zoom

Are there parts of you that you wish would just...go away? Your "inner critic"? Your "monkey-mind"? Your bad habits? Tired of the cacophony of voices arguing in your head? Ready to move on to a place of ease and internal integration?

Join our first-ever RiffSpace Book Club, as we explore "No Bad Parts."

Through Your Own Lens®, LIVE RETREAT APRIL 23, 2022–Sold Out

Annapolis, MD

What do you need most right now? A place to reconcile your grief and sadness as the world burns? A restorative day in a warm, loving, open environment where it's safe to feel whatever you actually do feel, and be part of a community who will unconditionally support you while you do? A re-set, jump-start, […]