Resolving Inner Conflict: A Riff Space™ Book Club

Virtual Event via Zoom

Are there parts of you that you wish would just...go away? Your "inner critic"? Your "monkey-mind"? Your bad habits? Tired of the cacophony of voices arguing in your head? Ready to move on to a place of ease and internal integration?

Join our first-ever RiffSpace Book Club, as we explore "No Bad Parts."

Exploring Grace, Through Your Own Lens®

Annapolis, MD

What does it mean to be in a state of grace, to move through the world with grace? To give and receive with grace? In a world filled with judgment and inequity, a bit of grace might just ripple out far enough to make a difference in someone's life. How are we showing up with […]


The RiffSpace™ Book Club: Steering by Starlight…SOLD OUT

Virtual Event via Zoom

Join me, and certified coach Rena Rachar, for a RiffSpace book club featuring the book that got us both started on our personal growth journeys. "Steering by Starlight," Martha Beck's insightful and hilarious book, led us both to sign up to train with her, and to become Certified Martha Beck coaches.