Through Your Own Lens®

Through Your Own Lens® workshops were created to open a pathway to self-discovery that is creative and fun, while taking advantage of our capacity to make endlessly fascinating connections that bring deeper meaning to our lives. For visual learners, and for those who enjoy learning by doing, Through Your Own Lens® offers a rich and satisfying experience that can expand your thinking and strengthen your connection with your own inner truths.

Through Your Own Lens® uses photography as a tool to experience and integrate life coaching concepts using visual metaphors, creative visualization, and your own wild imagination. No special photography skills are required—Through Your Own Lens® is about exploration and experimentation, not about creating a gallery-ready work of art, although undoubtedly there will be some breathtaking photos at the end of the day.

Each Through Your Own Lens® workshop includes journaling and other experiential life coaching exercises to help you reflect and remember your experiences, epiphanies, and connections.


Check out the video below from our October 2016 retreat to see the beautiful Annapolis venue we’ve used for past Through Your Own Lens® retreats!

The process is the product.

Awareness of how you approach the exercises is the most important feature of the workshop, which is meant to encourage you to re-think the ways you see yourself and your life. It enables us to capture beauty where we least expect it. It asks that we suspend judgment of ourselves and simply learn. It begs our childlike curiosity to come out and play. It encourages our sense of gentle good humor. It requires us to re-examine our lives through different lenses, to see which ones show us our true souls.

Through Your Own Lens® will help you begin the process of seeing yourself through the lens of your truest, most essential self—the only lens that matters—and the one that will lead you to the answers you seek. It’s a powerful tool for bringing your natural insights and instincts to full consciousness, where they can lead to your most fulfilling life.

Come for the experience. Leave with new friends.

Everyone who comes through the program contributes something meaningful. Authentic conversations, shared in an environment of safety and confidentiality, create a special bond that some participants nurture well after the program is over. You’ll get to know others who are also on a path to self-discovery, who are learning as they go, and who are willing to share their experiences for your benefit.

And who doesn’t want that?

“You’ll get extraordinary and unexpected insight in the company of remarkable people while laughing—a lot.”

Andrea, Annapolis, MD

“Wonderful day of sharing and self-discovery in a warm and safe environment.”
~Renee B., Annapolis, MD

“You will be amazed at the insights you walk away with.”
~Stephanie B., NYC

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