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These are my go-to internet resources for information and inspiration.  If it’s listed here, you can be sure I spend time in these virtual wonderlands.

For Businesses and Organizations

The EI Consortium website is my go-to for emotional intelligence research in organizations. It’s a compendium of all the work being done in that space and includes free reports on what emotional intelligence is, and whether EI programs actually work. Inspiration factor: 5. Nerd factor: 10.

I’ve been to the Mindful Leadership Summit several times, and always come out with new resources and ideas. The website is focused on bringing mindfulness practices to the workplace in order to transform cultures and increase productivity. Inspiration factor: 8.  Nerd factor: 2.

The Conscious Leadership Group had me at “commitment.” Their book, the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership contains some of my most frequently consulted toolkits. My go-to for great tools (see their Resources page) and reminders to stay present and focused on the process of learning. Inspiration factor: 10. Nerd factor: 0.

For Personal Enrichment

If you haven’t heard about Brené Brown yet, it’s good to know that you’ve been released from whatever dark, underground prison you’ve been held in against your will. Between her Netflix special and her gazillion-view TED talk, her messages about shame, vulnerability, and resilience have shifted the course of millions of lives. And she’s as homegrown and humble as you’d expect from a Texan. Inspiration factor: 10. Nerd factor: 2.

When someone compares my writing favorably with Martha’s, it’s about the highest compliment I can imagine getting. I read pretty much everything she writes, and her intelligence and humor is the secret sauce for reaching a wide audience of seekers. She’s the original “life coach,” having defined the category by virtue of Oprah’s influence in the self-discovery space. She trained me, and a few thousand others, in the art of life coaching. Inspiration factor 10. Nerd factor: 0. Woo-woo factor: 7-10, depending on what you’re reading.

Vanquisher of the Inner Critic and author of “Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead,” I check in with Tara’s work when I need a reminder of my enough-ness. Inspiration factor: 10.  Practicality factor: 10.

My go-to site for guided meditation and a healthy dose of “Radical Acceptance.” If you haven’t read her book, get it here and learn how to feel much, much better about yourself.  Inspiration factor: 10.  Spirituality factor: 8.

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