As of October, 2019, InsightOut Life and EQ Insight Coaching have been combined into a new entity: Ovation Coaching. This is the story behind the new brand.

“True art awakens the extraordinary ovation.” –Hafiz

When you commit to recognizing and fulfilling your purpose, you’re engaged in an act of creation: you’re creating the life you are called to live.

You are the artist of a life that is intrinsically valuable.  By being true to yourself, to your calling, and to the art of becoming who you are, you are contributing something of substance and value.

When you live with integrity and truth, the world benefits from your gifts.

When you’re fully present in the world, those around you begin to take notice.  Suddenly you’re faced with appreciation and gratitude from those you’ve touched.

That’s not always a comfortable feeling.  Personally, it scares me silly.

For many of us, the idea of becoming worthy of notice is fraught, whether the audience is small, humble and private (and consists mostly of your grandmother) or large, raucous and public.

We might keep ourselves small or quiet, muted by our own feelings of inadequacy, our imposter syndromes, our impossibly high expectations for ourselves, our perfectionism.  Our not-enough-ism.

We may have been brought up to be modest, and our interpretation of modest is, “don’t outshine anyone.”

We’ve all seen how harshly judged the shining people are, the outspoken ones, the politically active ones, the one-of-a-kind originals.

We’ve judged them ourselves.

And we’d rather avoid having that kind of criticism directed at us.

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Even if fame isn’t the goal, we all deserve to live a life worthy of being appreciated,
maybe even applauded, by the people who mean the most to us.

These are the people who will rise to their feet when they recognize
the obstacle you’ve overcome, the courage you’ve displayed, the fear you’ve pushed past.

And when you dare to give the performance of your life, you lift us all up.

Your presence on your stage inspires the rest of us to answer the call to authenticity. And because you’ve shown up for the people you’re meant to serve, and shown them what’s possible, they’ll know they can count on you to be the first one standing, hands clapping madly, eyes and heart shining for them, when their moment arrives.

The idea of own power can feel overwhelming, but what if we learned to harness it in service to our true selves in some way, accepting that not everyone will cheer us on—and then doing it anyway?  Trusting that what’s right for our hearts is right, period?

I know this struggle intimately.  There was a long period of my life when I was outwardly successful, and inwardly harboring secret feelings of fraudulence.

I was mired in shame about the doubts that troubled me. I spoke of them to no one.

Despite the encouragement of loved ones, readers, and clients, my fears kept me from speaking up about them.

Until now.

I’ve learned that the only way to banish fear is to speak its name. The only way to step into a bigger arena is to step into it.

I’ve learned that until we’re ready, we’re not ready.  Ironically, we become ready when we stop waiting to be ready, and take a leap of faith.

I’ve learned that when there is a compassionate witness to our bravery at the moment we step off the precipice, the leap is no less terrifying.

But their presence makes it possible.

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An ovation is the spontaneous, effortless response of understanding and appreciation that lifts our bodies and our souls.

Ovation Coaching was created to provide sophisticated, personable, enlivening, graceful and practical support while you develop the confidence and clarity to become who you were always meant to be. Who you’ve always been, beneath the weighty blankets of expectations and belief systems that no longer serve you.

I’ll continue to be a judgment-free, agenda-free witness of your personal or professional journey.  I’ll continue to ask the questions that deepen your understanding of the values and beliefs that drive your actions and create the circumstances you find yourself in. I’ll continue to hold up a clear mirror so you can see what’s really there.

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Under the Ovation umbrella, my corporate practice will be aimed at supporting and enhancing workplace cultures of maturity, trust, learning mindsets, and individual responsibility. In addition to private coaching for executives, I’ll be launching groundbreaking, creative leadership and mindfulness programs for conscious organizations, B-corps and progressive business ventures. I’ll continue to offer emotional intelligence skills assessments, pre- and post-hire, and emotional intelligence coaching and training.

If my work resonates with you, please tell a friend what you appreciate about it.

Introduce me to someone who works for a company that values authenticity and promotes a learning mindset.

Start a conversation with your tribe, and invite me to join.

I am, as always, grateful for your kind support.

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