Through Your Own Lens “Snapshot Sessions” Registration

Wooo-ooot! I’m so excited that you’ll be joining me, and a small cohort of others, for one or more Snapshot Sessions!

Technology has never been my passion, so we’re going to rock the registration old school. Click here to open up an email form, and list the session months you want in the email body.  I’ll be tracking them manually, since there will be only four of you per session.

If your first choice is not available, I’ll let you know, and I’ll start a waiting list.  If at least two others also want in, I’ll create a second session for that Snapshot topic. Otherwise, you can pick another month, or get refunded immediately.

Here are the sessions:

SOLD OUT– March 15, 2021: Embracing the Not-Yet
March. It isn’t winter, but it isn’t really spring, either. This months’ photo assignment will prompt you to gain insight into what happens when you need to patiently let things unfold.

SOLD OUT– April 19, 2021: Rebirthing Your Creative Drive
What wants to be born in the season of rebirth? Your photo assignment this month will help you focus on creativity and nurturing.

May 17, 2021: Signs of Unapologetic Existence
It’s the lusty month of May, as the song goes. This month’s photo assignment will give you clarity on where you are, or would like to be, living unapologetically.

June 21, 2021: Graduation (an ending) and Commencement (a beginning)
Forgive the obvious theme here, and explore the photo assignments to go deeper into your own endings and beginnings.

July 19, 2021: Independence or Subjugation?
Why do we sometimes feel free to be ourselves, and sometimes feel we need to subdue ourselves? July’s photo assignments will help you find answers, and guide you toward more personal agency.

August 16, 2021: Dog Days
How well do you respect your true energy level? When do you push beyond what’s right for you? When do you just get lazy? This month’s photo assignment will guide you toward more self-awareness and self-care.

September 20, 2021: Shiny New Lunchbox
Ah, September. The start of a new academic year, the Jewish New Year. The potential for a do-over. Your photo assignment this month will be about how we show up when we’re given a fresh start.

October 18, 2021: Master of Disguise
We’ve all got a number of alter egos, roles we play, masks we wear. For October, your photo assignment will give you an awareness of what these are for you, and how to unmask your authentic self.

November 15, 2021: Appreciating Chaos
The garden begins to go brown. Politics are in the news. Your family gets together. In November, shit gets messy. Your photo assignment will help you explore your own relationship to the messy stuff.

December 20, 2021: Comfort and Joy
Another year is ending. How intentional do you want to be about the holiday season? December’s photo assignment is designed to focus on what brings you to a place of comfort, trust, faith, joy.

January (2022): What Gets You Through
As the new year dawns, what are the things that get you through? This unexpected photo assignment will have you recognizing pathways you might not have otherwise noticed.

February (2022): Where You Live
We all live in homes, in communities, in countries, in the world. And we live inside our bodies, inside ourselves. The photo assignment for February will help you explore the places you live to find out more about where you belong.

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