Executive Coaching

No advice. No consulting.

Pure coaching for smart, sensible leaders.

New situations arise.

It’s part of the job description of life, and it’s especially true for organizational leaders.

When you’re at the top of the org chart, there’s nobody to tell you what to do, and frankly, you’re not looking to be told. You want to shift your thinking, gain new perspectives, and consider possibilities. You want someone to ask you the right questions, so you can make decisions that your entire organization will be affected by and still sleep at night.

Paul*, an experienced CEO, was asked by the Board to outline his own development plan, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Bryn, owner of a growing technology company, wanted to feel confident that she wouldn’t make another costly hiring mistake. Chris, CFO of a successful startup, felt like an imposter about to be unmasked.

Michelle wasn’t convinced she wanted to be groomed for promotion to the top job in a major market. Laurie runs a nonprofit that deals with life and death issues daily, and wanted to model strategies for stress reduction. Pat, another nonprofit CEO, faced withering press criticism over a land use issue, and was looking for ways to show up with courage and authenticity during a protracted crisis.

As a new President, Jamie asked for guidance and perspective while she gained the confidence to do a visible and demanding job. Anna wants to take a career risk that has financial implications for her family.

*Client names and some details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Ovation’s executive coaching process focuses on developing specific leadership skills that you will learn to use, along with proven leadership tools, to:


clarify your thinking on complex situations


prepare yourself for contentious meetings


handle interpersonal relationships confidently


listen more deeply and effectively


allow your natural wisdom to guide you

What’s on YOUR mind?

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You’ve Got This

Confidence when it counts

Need help staying calm under pressure? Want to remain clear-headed while others are losing their minds? Let’s design an executive coaching engagement that will:


support decision-making without second guessing


help you guide your team through highly emotional issues or contentious meetings


show you how to stop the gossip and dismantle the victim-villain-hero “drama triangle”

“I am as happy as I have ever been.” ~JW, President, Maryland nonprofit

It really is amazing what a difference time and counsel from the right people can make in your life.  A year ago, I was starting a big new job with a lot of fears and doubts, I was in a relationship with a lot of challenges and missing pieces, and I was plagued with fear and self-doubt on many levels.

Here I am a year later, and I have proven I can do my new job, I am confident in my work and enjoying it (but also seeing its rightful place in my life), I am in the best relationship of my life that I never would have been open to in the past, and I am enjoying a wonderful relationship with my children and my family.  Although life is never perfect, I am as happy as I have ever been.  That is in no small part thanks to you and your guidance… You helped me work through some pretty tough stuff, and you taught me skills that I can now use daily to keep my life in the right place without falling back into bad old habits.

Do it Better

Leadership skills for existing and emerging leaders

Whether you’re preparing for promotion, just accepted a new position, or are ready to see what you’re made of, there’s an executive coaching program for that. Learn more about things like:


Setting boundaries that reflect your values and preserve your sanity


Balancing accessibility and transparency with professional demeanor


Taking the high road when it’s tempting to react badly


Playing in a bigger arena, taking more risks, strengthening resilience

What do YOU want to work on? Let’s create a development plan that will motivate and inspire you.

“It has changed my life” ~LM, Senior Manager, Annapolis, MD

Amy was my savior when my life seemed to be falling apart at the seams. I was in a rut at my job, overstressed with a lack of mental energy to be present for my family…. it was a terrible time in my life — and of my own doing. I’m not a crier, and quite honestly, I hate being vulnerable, but during my first meeting with Amy, she cut to the quick and I did cry, more than once, and I am a better person for it. Her lovingly non-judgmental, curious way of getting to know me allowed me to open up, and learn, and know myself better — and it has changed my life. Amy’s mantra, “We come by it honestly,” has given me the capacity to stop judging myself and to become more authentically me at ALL times. I said just the other day, “this is the happiest I have ever been” to my husband. I credit my happiness to Amy and her skills and for being the incredible person she is.”—LM, Senior Manager, Annapolis, MD

Emotional Intelligence: Get it Here

Assessments and Frameworks for EQ skill practice and development

Two decades of research have shown that emotional intelligence skills are the most reliable predictor of success, and recent polls indicate that these skills are in high demand. Make sure your EQ skills are sharp, balanced, and visible.


Find out which of the fifteen EQ skills you’ve mastered, and which ones need practice.


Identify the skill imbalances that can derail your leadership, before they do.


Get feedback on your best qualities and hidden blind spots

Take the EQ-i2.0Assessment and/or 360° Assessment, and get a custom-designed framework for the practices that fit your needs and your schedule.

“Far exceeded my expectations.” ~BH, Managing Director, Washington, DC

“I engaged Amy for an 8-session coaching program. The 8 sessions far exceeded my expectations. In the past I had been hesitant to have these types of conversations and really open myself up. Amy made me feel very comfortable being vulnerable. She listened, she pushed me where I needed it and had a sense for when to pull back when I was stuck. Amy was also open to feedback. After our first call when I mentioned an outline of the next 7 sessions would be helpful, she customized a program for me in writing that really helped put me at ease. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough for anybody who wants to tap into their emotional intelligence.”
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