Personal Coaching

You’re smart, sensible…and stalled.

I know what that’s like.

You know how it feels when you’re driving along, deep in thought, and you suddenly realize you’ve missed a turn? Frustration, anger and fear are in the driver’s seat. You’re not exactly sure how you got where you are, and have no idea which way to go next.

Whether you missed that exit ten minutes ago or ten years ago, that moment of realization—“This isn’t where I thought I’d be right now!”—is an emotionally charged, bone-rattling awakening from the trance of life. 

If you’re at that moment in your personal life, career, or both, pull over right here, my friend. You’ve found a safe place to regroup.

Life Coaching

Let me guess.

You don’t usually have to ask for help—you’re independent and capable, and people look to you as an example. You’re used to being the helper, not the helped. It feels like some kind of failure to be this stuck, lost or confused. You think you should be able to figure it out, but things aren’t getting any better. You’re not comfortable with vulnerability—that seems like weakness, and people have exploited that before.

How do I know all this about you? I don’t. 

I know it about me, because I’ve lived through it. The good news is that there’s a process that makes sense, and it will get you through the tough spots faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

You won’t feel like this forever.

“My go-to coach.” ~Rena Rachar, Certified Coach

“Amy is my go-to coach whenever I find myself feeling stuck. She patiently, skillfully, and lovingly guides me out of the mud of my own making. Amy always creates a safe space in which I can be entirely open; I trust her with the most vulnerable parts of my heart, knowing she will treat them with respect. She listens, she remembers, she reminds, she cheers, she asks thoughtful questions…and she does all this as many times as it takes until I finally GET IT. She can cut to the heart of a matter quickly, and always with gentleness. Amy is a gifted coach and I am grateful for her presence in my life.”

Career Coaching

Do you arrive at work and sense that your entire body feels constricted? Do you find yourself watching the clock, longing for lunchtime or happy hour or your next vacation? When you get to the office, do you quietly morph into someone you’re not—in order to conform to organizational politics or someone else’s expectations?

Does Sunday night find you with a pit in your stomach and a feeling of dread that Monday’s coming around yet again?

A decade ago, I answered yes to all of those questions.  It took all of my courage to recognize that I was trying to fit into a career that checked all of the boxes for external approval, but just wasn’t me. From the outside, my life appeared to be as ideal as a celebrity Instagram feed, but the reality was more like a low budget zombie flick.

Let’s get you into a career that makes your heart sing, even if you think it’s impossible. Especially if you think it’s impossible. Because chances are, the only thing standing in your way is you.

“More positive and lasting outcomes.” ~President & CEO of top-rated American museum

“Amy helped me find what was always there to begin with. Using a supportive method that inspires confidence and trust, she opened my eyes to new ways of looking at work situations and challenges that freed me to achieve more positive and lasting outcomes. I always feel ‘lighter’ after a coaching session with her — the result of finding my path. The work isn’t always easy. It is always necessary and productive. Amy has a natural way of assisting me to see what is most important for making good decisions and leading my organization with grace.”

Dream Analysis

Unlock the answers to your life’s most puzzling questions…in your sleep

Everyone dreams. Even if you aren’t able to remember your dreams, you dream at least four or five times a night. And those dreams can give you clues to how you are living your waking life—how you feel, what obstacles you are facing—and what to do next.

Because your conscious mind is, well, un-conscious while you sleep, the stories your mind habitually tells you about your life are absent from your dreams. The part of you that censors unpleasant thoughts and hides your full accountability for your life is inactive. Your dreams are free to reveal basic truths about you, your relationships, and the issues in your life that hold you back. Dreams are the most direct link to your psyche, and to the deepest knowledge in your soul—your inner wisdom.

The metaphors and story lines in dreams and nightmares can bring you surprising new knowledge, deeper understanding of yourself, and inspiring messages that can transform your life. Learning to interpret your dreams gives you a valuable tool to become more conscious of your true self, your best path, and your right life. If you are on a path of self-discovery or healing, paying attention to your dreams can add new understanding and lend deeper meaning to your journey.

“My own deeper knowing” ~Leslie Bixler, Malibu CA

“Amy’s a keeper in my life. I’m a musician and an artist, and, with her vast experience and skillset, Amy understands that creative mindset. For that reason, I come to Amy for one of my favorite ways to gain insight; dream analysis. Exploring the imagery that dreams offer up has been a shared passion, and one of Amy’s excellent skills.

Amy brings a deep curiosity, and thoroughness to the task. With her formidable skills and her caring nature, she creates a safe space for me explore every odd and fascinating detail. We find nuggets of truth hidden in the most unexpected places.

Amy brings a sense of play into the process. She’s comfortable and her instincts are great. But even more importantly, she truly invites me to explore outside the box and come up with my own deeper knowing. Together we have uncovered many surprising and powerful flashes of insight that I take with me to this day! “

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