“I am as happy as I have ever been.” ~JW, President, Maryland nonprofit

It really is amazing what a difference time and counsel from the right people can make in your life.  A year ago, I was starting a big new job with a lot of fears and doubts, I was in a relationship with a lot of challenges and missing pieces, and I was plagued with fear and self-doubt on many levels.

Here I am a year later, and I have proven I can do my new job, I am confident in my work and enjoying it (but also seeing its rightful place in my life), I am in the best relationship of my life that I never would have been open to in the past, and I am enjoying a wonderful relationship with my children and my family.  Although life is never perfect, I am as happy as I have ever been.  That is in no small part thanks to you and your guidance… You helped me work through some pretty tough stuff, and you taught me skills that I can now use daily to keep my life in the right place without falling back into bad old habits.

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