Last week, I worked with someone who asked for help overcoming her fear of running out of money–soon.  Since she’s an entrepreneur with a new business, her income is not yet stable but her bills certainly are.  She did some brilliant work that illustrates beautifully the power of letting go of practical left brain thinking about how to create immediate income, while letting her right brain tune her into her own truth.  She gave me permission to share the story.  I’ll call her “Rapunzel” to protect her identity, and because I like the sound of it.

One of the most potent realizations you can have when dealing with money fear is that you don’t really want money.  What you really want is how you’ll feel when you have it.  This is true of almost anything you think you may want.  (If this is a new concept for you, congratulations!  Your life is about to change.)

When Rapunzel told me how she wanted to feel with regard to money, she talked about a feeling of ease–like floating in a clear blue pool.  I listened as she described all the details of this pool-floating feeling: the temperature of the water, how the light shimmers on the pool, the vast size of the pool, and the “floaty thing” (with cup holders) that supported her.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that if there were cup holders, there should be drinks!  When I asked her how the drinks would come to her, she answered, “The bartenders will bring me drinks.  There will be guys in white to serve me–they will check on me to see what I want!”  And there you have it.  One of the most wonderful metaphors for how the Universe works when we’re in the floaty-place of ease.  Rapunzel’s right brain knew that all her needs would be taken care of–and all she needs to do is allow herself to float.  She didn’t even have to raise a finger.

I believe that the Universe is always interested in knowing what you need, and sends the equivalent of those handsome men in white to check on you.  “So when they come around to ask if you need anything, what will you tell them?” I asked.  Rapunzel wanted to ponder this for a while, so I suggested an exercise.  With her dominant hand, she will write down what the men in white are asking her.  Things like, “What can I get for you?  Do you need anything? Is there something I can bring you?”  With her non-dominant hand, she’ll answer.  And I betcha something crazy-interesting and surprisingly wonderful pops up.  I will also bet that whatever she asks for while she’s in that state of ease will come her way.

Intrigued?  Explore your own desires.  Make a list of 5 things you really,really want.  Next to that list, write down the feeling state you will have once you get those things.  Then pick one, and imagine fully what it will be like when you have it.  See what metaphor pops into your head–is it like floating? Soaring? Snuggling under thick downy blankets? Is it like jumping, twirling, dancing?  Does it feel like when you’re cooking, feasting, painting, running?  Is it like your favorite movie?  Let your five senses tell you all about that feeling.

Allow yourself to feel what you want to feel fully at least once a day, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you manifest exactly what you want.



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