I have always hated New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve never been able to sustain one, then ended up feeling inadequate, which it turns out was the misguided reason for setting it in the first place.  My resolutions always seemed to come from some need to be a better person–to look better, behave better, achieve more.  In my current half-enlightened state, it is painfully obvious to me that these kinds of resolutions are doomed from the start.

Why?  Here’s a radical notion: I am really truly a fine human being.  Intrinsically.  Just fine.  There’s nothing wrong with me.

I don’t need a resolution to become a better human being. What I do need is a way to set an intention for what I really want in this world.

I advise my clients not to set any goal that doesn’t make their hearts want to fly out of their chests on little wings.  So this year, why not try something different?  Instead of a resolution, let yourself dream.  Want to create an arts community in a seaside town?  Inspire and entertain groups of people, telling stories and singing songs about your latest travel adventures? Earn a living by spending your time with artists and philosophers?  Cast off your money worries and find joy in every moment with your husband and son?  Leave the corporate world and use your gifts to heal the world?  Those are resolutions worthy of you.

In the new millenium, those who are true to their Original Medicine will navigate the changing landscape with more joy, more love and more connection to their tribe.  If you focus on allowing your authentic self to shine, your tribe will be drawn to that inner light.  You’ll be spending your days with people who “get” you, who appreciate your gifts and your unique genius, and who want you to be part of their journey as well.

This is my wish for all of you, for the New Year, the New Millenium, and whatever is beyond.

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