The essential self knows nothing about credentials.  It cannot be held back by fear that a lack of academic credentials (or years of direct experience or some other prerequisite) means you can’t do the thing that your heart desires most.  I’ll say this as many times as you (or I) need to hear it.  It’s another one of my personal ten thousand truths, and here’s how I uncovered it…

The well-deserved Oscar-winning movie, The King’s Speech, was released soon after I made the decision to become a life coach.  My one lingering, nagging doubt was how anyone would ever honor my choice–after all, how does a Theatre and Speech degree from William & Mary, three years of professional theatre experience and 27 years of technology sales and financial advisory work, qualify me to coach people through difficult transitions, relationships, or limiting beliefs?

I could almost hear the Universal Voice of Scorn holding its sides, howling, “Who do you think you ARE, missy?!”

My own limiting belief was hard at work doing exactly what limiting beliefs do–crushing my dreams and sending me back to the smallest place I could imagine inhabiting.

One evening, as I prepared to go to the movies, I set an intention.  I wanted a sign–any sign at all–that I was indeed meant to be a life coach.  I had no idea what I’d see on the screen, but as the story unfolded, and the scene played out where Logue’s lack of Oxford degree is discovered, I felt my heart beating a little faster.  When it became clear that Logue’s educational pedigree didn’t matter, my heart grew those little wings you see in the cartoons, and flew on its own.

At that moment, I understood deeply that all I needed was passion for the work, and a gift.  My own life experience, viewed through the lens of coach training, was enough.

I’m grateful for this huge lesson.  I only have to allow myself to trust both the gift and the passion, let go of the limiting belief, and I, too, may coach a King.

What does this conjure up for you?  What limiting beliefs are keeping you from your heart’s desire?

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