Personal Coaching Fees

See Yourself Becoming

Think about the heroes/heroines you most admire.

None of them triumphed without overcoming increasingly challenging obstacles or having their faith tested. Or ripping the head off a villain or two, of course.

But they also had someone they could count on who was their equal, who stepped up to the task of perspective-giver and bullshit-buster. They all had someone who brought out the best in them, and who showed them the line where their strengths became weaknesses and their weaknesses became strengths. Someone whose confidence helped them believe in themselves in their darkest moments, and was there to celebrate every victory.

Your own heroic journey to fullness and self-becoming deserves the same level of support. Find it here:

New Client Consult

The chemistry between coach and client is what makes the journey meaningful, successful, and delightful. Let’s make sure we have the right stuff in a 30-minute focused coaching session with up to 15 minutes of additional time for Q+A and an intentional “relationship design” conversation. You bring your issue; I’ll bring some perspective-changing magic. $95 payable at the time of scheduling. Prospective clients only.

8-Session “Clarity” Package

Start your journey here. Get clear on where you stand and where you’d like to go, craft a plan and get the tools to reach your destination. Each session will introduce new tools and techniques to start living the life you long for. Bi-weekly Zoom sessions. $1480 payable prior to first session.

12-Session “Implementing Change”

Committed to change? Move ahead with confidence, and get everything in the “Clarity” Package, plus extra tools and more time to practice. Bi-weekly Zoom sessions. $2165 payable prior to first session.

4-Session “Add-0n” to any completed package

If you need just a bit more coaching or you’re returning to resolve a new issue or get a tune-up, “Add-On” four bi-weekly Zoom sessions. $750 payable prior to first session.

Single Session Reality Check, Perspective Shift or Roadblock Buster

Powerful coaching doesn’t take long. Grab a 50-minute session and get ‘er done. $195 payable upon scheduling.

Dream Analysis Session

Find out more about what your unfiltered, unconscious mind wants you to know.  $200 per 75-minute Zoom session.

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